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About Bloomington Rentals & Realty

Bloomington Rentals & Realty is locally owned and operated with over 20 years of experience. As a smaller company we  take the time to foster close relationships with our tenants and clients. We address all issues no matter how big or small.  I have lived in Bloomington for 30 years and have strong connections and a deep appreciation for the community and Indianan University. We are available to our tenants and property owners at all times.

I am a licensed Real Estate Managing Broker as required by the state of Indiana for all Property Managers. License # RB14040585

Customer Testimonials

Having gone through many property managers, it was with great pleasure that I found Gretchen. Because of my very demanding work schedule, and living in Hawaii, it is quite difficult to be everywhere all at once. Gretchen has truly become an additional pair of ears, eyes, and everything in between for me. We have never personally met, and yet, I am able to sleep every night without worrying about what is happening with my properties in Bloomington, IN. Her interests have truly become my best interests. -V. F.

Bloomington Rentals is an excellent property management company. I moved into my town home in June of 2013 and have been there ever since! Any maintenance repairs needed and or questions I may have had concerning my rental were responded to immediately. Overall, the quality of my rental as well as customer service is superb. I highly recommend this rental company! -A. F.

Gretchen was very helpful as we conducted a long-distance apartment search, sending us pictures of the apartment and responding quickly to our emails, as well as holding the apartment for us while she waited for our security deposit to go through the mail. Moving in was smooth, and anytime we've had problems or questions Gretchen has responded to them promptly. She's a very attentive property manager, always making sure her tenants are taken care of. -B. H.

We’ve had the good fortune of renting property from Gretchen since August 2012. During our time in this home (347 S. Davisson), Gretchen has served as a reliable landlord, one who (1) rigorously ensures that the plumbing, electricity, and so on is in working order and (2) respects the autonomy/privacy of her tenants. For example, not only did Gretchen and Jonathan masterfully revamp the house before our move-in date, but they have also made themselves readily available during house-related issues. I remember one particular event where one of us managed to burst a pipe. Water flooded the kitchen, and I freaked out a little. Gretchen and Jonathan – in their patience and resolve – calmly directed us via phone on how to turn off the plumbing and they even left their post at the Lotus Festival to help us clean the kitchen. By way of another example, Gretchen and Jonathan have proven himself to be adept at resolving even the most stubborn plumbing issues. Finally, there is the matter of rapport: Gretchen is fun and goofy person, and I routinely ask her and Jonathan to stop being parents so that we can hit the bar and be irresponsible. In short, Gretchen is a personable, professional, and respectful landlord. -B. W. & J. Q.

Bloomington Rentals has managed our rental property for the past 6 years while we havebeen living overseas. We have been very satisfied with their service. Gretchen selects good tenantsand rent is always paid on time. She has a skilled crew of people to do necessary maintenance andproblems are taken care of quickly. The past few years have brought severe weather events thatcaused damage to the house. Gretchen was on the scene almost before the storms were over andkept us informed. She arranged for tree removal and repairs to be made at a very reasonable price.At the end of each year, we receive an accounting of expenses and income divided into categoriesthat can be easily entered into our tax forms.
Unlike many Bloomington landlords in situ, Gretchen is as concerned with the welfareand safety of the tenants as she is with the property. She communicates with the tenants, advises usif work needs to be done, and makes sure all is up to date and according to codes. Gretchen's pro­active attitude has given us tremendous peace of mind and her excellent service has simplified ourlives. We recommend Bloomington Rentals to anyone who wants conscientious oversight and andeffective management of their rental properties. -M.R. and L.M.

Important Documents

Lease Form 2014 (will be customized to each property)

Property Management Agreement 2014

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